Sevcon Gen4 Wiring Harness


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Electro Motive Force is offering wiring harnesses specifically built to our specifications. They include the wiring necessary for the Sevcon Gen4 to mate with the Motenergy motors, and an optional programmer adapter.


  • Ampseal 35-pin connector
  • Includes the 8-pin Metri-pack connector for the motor encoder and temp sensor
  • Includes the 4-pin Metri-pack connector for CANbus (24V, COM, CANH and CANL for connecting to programmer or Clearview display)
  • 4 foot lengths for control wires and CAN connection.
  • 2 foot lengths for Motor encoder and temp sensor
  • Optional: 4-pin Metri-pack to DB9 adapter for connection to the IXXAT programming cable
  • 3 Options available: Harness + Programming adapter, Harness only and Connector Kit only (Assembly required)

NOTE: For assembled harnesses, these are built in batches. There may be a 1-2 week lead time. Parts are in stock and we process these as the order comes in.

Sevcon Gen4 User Manual

EMF-Power Wiring Diagram (To be used with our Base Programming and Wiring harness)


Wire harness pinout:

Sevcon Harness
Description Sevcon Pin Motor pin Color
Encoder power supply + 26 E Sh/Red
Encoder power supply – and shield 15 C Sh/Black
Sin input from Sin-Cos analog encoder 21 A Sh/White
Cos input from Sin-Cos analog encoder 35 B Sh/Green
Motor thermistor in 33 H gray
Motor thermistor ground B- G black
Shield F Sh/bare
Contactor out 1 3 Brown
Output 1 Supply + 4 Orange
Key switch in 1 Red
Pot. 1 wiper in 22 Purple
Pot. 1 power supply + 34 Yellow
Forward switch 18 Blue
Reverse switch 30 White
Seat Switch/Interlock 31 Green
Can termination (connect together) 2 Purple
Can termination (connect together) 24 Purple
CANH 16 D Sh/White
CANL 27 C Sh/Green
CAN power supply + 28 B Sh/Red
CAN Common B- A Sh/Black
Shield A sh/Bare
B- B- Black
Programming Adapter
Description Metri-Pack DB9
CANH D 7 Sh/White
CANL C 2 Sh/Green
CAN power supply + B Sh/Red
CAN Common A 3 Sh/Black
Shield A 6 sh/Bare




Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 4 in

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